Racist beat-up woman on a London bus.

Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess superior traits based on the inferiority of one race over another.

10 Root Causes of Racism | Human Rights Careers

People should be allowed to wear what they want without others making judgments. Yes, I have views and generally, keep them to myself but on this occasion, because Microsoft tried to censor my comment on an article that others were commenting about, I wanted to put my point across about how people’s mindsets are.

I tried to comment but MSN kept saying something is wrong and please accept community guidelines.

I was not being rude or offensive and was stating facts:

“So women can go around wearing clothes leaving nothing to the imagination but wearing a head covering is offensive lol”.

Racist beat up woman on London bus because she was wearing a hijab (msn.com)

“I hope the idiot that beat up the woman on the London bus is found and serves time eating porridge”.

Did you know in Eastern Europe elders wear headscarves? I understand a hijab is not a headscarf it represents Muslims and their faith. But who cares what people wear or what they believe in providing it does not affect the masses.

I also understand wearing a full headdress such as a burka can be intimidating and can pose security issues. If I was a fashion designer I would design clothes that are more colorful. Wearing black in the summer months especially retains heat so it would be more beneficial to the ladies that chose to wear the head covering to wear light reflective colors.


It actually riles me when racists blame foreigners for stealing their jobs that they themselves are too lazy to do.

Before anyone decides to start on me, I am British and my father was a Polish Veteran that fought with the British in WWII where Winston Churchill gave all veterans and families permanent residency as a thank you. I bet you didn’t know that.

1939- 1945 : Poland’s Contribution to Victory in the Second World War – International Churchill Society (winstonchurchill.org)

The war years and Winston Churchill’s promise

After World War 2 the majority of Polish troops who had fought under British Command were unable to return to Poland now under Soviet influence and control. Many feared being taken as political prisoners.

Due to their immense contribution to the war efforts, the Poles were seen in Whitehall and the wider community as deserving of special support and assistance. Churchill singled the Poles out as ‘special’ when in a House of Commons speech he declared that:

Her Majesty’s government will never forget the debt they owe to the Polish troops who have served them so valiantly and for all those who have fought under our command…

(As cited in Tony Kushner and Katherine Knox. Refugees in an Age of Genocide. 1999)

Ilford Park Polish Home – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Personal Racism

From an early age, I remember being bullied in school as young as five where I was pushed down some concrete stairs because I could not speak English, had a foreign name and was different because of this.

Going on into my senior year at school the bullying continued, going as far as a physical altercation outside the school gates where I was punched in the face.

Then in my adult life, I was told I should not use my birth surname which was double-barrelled and just stick with the British name. I have even been told in the past to go back to where I came from, implying back to Poland yet I was born in this country.


Fortunately for me, I have a platform where I can air my opinions without them being censored or taken down.

I am not impressed that I could not say what I wanted to say on the MSN platform.

My Fathers Autobiography

He wrote the book in his later years I think in his late 70s and I published it after he died. He was 81 when he passed away. There was no ‘Grammarly’ back then and I thought considering English was not his first spoken language it was authentic to keep the spelling and grammatical errors to show people that if an elderly man who was self-thought in using a computer, anyone can write provided they put their minds to it.

In The Name of Our Father and His Son
In The Name of…
A Soldiers Memoirs …
By Author: Jan Maziak
Photo book

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