1. First & Foremost I do not send out unsolicited emails.

So if you receive a spammy email from one of my email addresses it is because some hacker has cloned or mirrored himself or herself to make it look like it is me that sent you the email.

Most of my connections are on LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms, so I do not send emails unless you are expecting them from me.

2). Secondly and this is VERY IMPORTANT.

I have no desire of buying domain names or get involved in the financial market. If you have got my contact details through Linkedin, shame on you to contact me. However if you have my contact details by some other mean it must be someone has sold you my contact email and telephone number.

“These lists are not accurate and I have no desire in Trading in Forex, Stocks and Shares or Bitcoin etc”.

I also do not buy domain names unless I am setting up a project for myself or one of my clients. Please do not send emails asking me to buy your domain names.

“Please do not contact me in relation to Finacial Market Trading and if you do and I say I am not interested at least RESPECT MY WISHES and end the call there and then without hanging on and prolonging the inevitable”.

“Regardless if other business owners are trading financial markets I have no desire now or in the future“.

I will say once again just to be 100% clear I have no interest or intention of ever trading or getting involved in the financial markets.

Finally “Do not attempt to sell ice to the eskimo’s”, if you are in the same industry as myself do not send me emails with offers on website design, SEO or marketing. Do your research and do not send unsolicited emails to me offering your services. I do not outsource my work and have no desire to engage in any partnerships.

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