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Virgin Media Broadband Evidence of Poor Service.

Poor Customer Service Icon
Virgin MediaEvidence of Poor Service.


Evidence of Poor Service & Disruption Of Service.
My Terms and Conditions of Disruption of Service!

Virgin Media Evidence of Poor Service.


Disclaimer – Monetary Compensation.

This Is Not How You Should Treat Customers.

I have updated this article multiple times and to recap last Saturday I had a missed call and an email from the executive team to contact them. I phoned Saturday but they were busy, I then phoned again yesterday only to be told my complaint had been resolved, even though I had not spoken to anyone? (fixing my broadband issue does not fix the complaint of the previous broadband issues/outages I have experienced and raised).

I proceeded to send an email to Lutz Schuler and the Executive team and cc’d my marketing business into the conversation. I even contacted Lutz Schuler on LinkedIn and never had a response.

Below is the email I sent them yesterday, although they have had multiple emails and phone calls from me in the past. So today giving them one final last chance I phoned them and spoke to someone called Louise (who infuriated me with her one brain cell attitude that because my broadband was working fine today the issue had been resolved. She asked me what I was after and I said monetary compensation, she asked me for a figure and I said £400 per day. I did not mention emotional distress compensation: https://www.compensationcalculatoruk.co.uk/emotional-pain-and-suffering-calculator If this was to go to court, how can I put a figure on the amount of distress this has caused me, without consulting a solicitor first?

The complaint that everyone is ignoring was the past poor intermittent speeds that went over Louise’s head including me insisting on my voice recording data which Virgin is legally obliged to give me and again I felt as if I was talking to a brick wall.


This article is for Virgin Media Broadband Evidence of a Poor Service to show evidence of the sub-standard service I have been receiving.


If I have been experiencing outages I am sure I am not the only one to get an appalling service. According to Trustpilot, an astonishing 91% have given 1-star reviews. It is a wonder this company is actually still in business and trading: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/virginmediabroadband.co.uk I was told the reason for the bad reviews is their customers are not happy with the 5g change-over and the outages.



This issue I have been experiencing has been ongoing and somedays I get really good speeds whilst others are absolutely diabolical. This tells me there is nothing wrong with my equipment as they have sent out two modems in the last two years and it is them I suppose saving money. I have had poor speed since the beginning of lockdown. I am not getting my money’s worth and am losing business hand over fist with this company.

So I received a text message from ‘Virgin Media Broadband’ to say that on Friday 11th March in Roath Cardiff there will be scheduled maintenance. They never stated what time or how long it was going to go on, only to apologize for any inconvenience caused. That is not good enough especially when people rely on WIFI for multiple reasons including home security. Not everything revolves around browsing the internet.

So oblivious to the message I received Monday morning I noticed my internet was very intermittent from lunchtime going into the afternoon and proceeded to phone them to sort it out. The person I spoke to said I had to do a hard reset of my modem (putting the pin into the tiny hole) which I explained I could not do as I had to be online.

As the afternoon progressed I struggled to get a decent connection, could not do a screenshot as I could not connect, and decided to bite the bullet and do a re-set around tea-time. Oh boy, that ended up being such a bad idea and a total disaster as I ended up with no wifi signal at all.

So I proceeded to call them again and I was put through to a call center where the woman was as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

She blatantly refused to help me or put me through to her supervisor.

There were long pauses where she simply ignored me and she casually said I would have to wait until maintenance was done on Friday.

I responded I rely on the internet for work and need to be online and her attitude was very blasé, where she said there was nothing she could do.

I explained that she obviously did not know who she was speaking to and what I do and am capable of doing.

I quoted the domain name www.irenata.com which is the shorter version of this website and the domain is forwarded. I prompted her to read my reviews on Virgin Media. I did this purposely as I wanted to hit home that anyone that disrupts my business is liable to be sued and I would take Virgin Media to court.

She replied and said I would be entitled to their compensation of £8.00 per day and that is all. I told her what she can do with her £8.00 and that I would send an invoice for the loss of business. It is as if they read off a script what they have to say to a consumer and I was not having any of it. Unlike any other consumer that may just report them to Ofcom and apparently my connection is being monitored, she was unaware of this, I will go one step further and put a dent in their business if they disrupt mine. If they have bad reviews on Trustpilot imagine how much business they will lose if I share this on LinkedIn and every other social media platform I can think of.

So far I have tolerated them and have a backup mobile hotspot of unlimited data with O’2 but by coincidence considering these two companies have merged, I have been unable to access my hotspot for some time now, and to think I pay £80 per month to Virgin and £40 to O’2 you would think I would get a good connection from either one of them but I don’t.

Within minutes of me ending the call yesterday, my broadband internet was working again and I had a very fast speed.

I was angry because my business is being disrupted. I could not perform my duties. I am still behind with my work even as we speak today.

Below are a couple of PDFs of all my screenshots to date.


Before I ended the call I told her to remember my website as I would share all the posts I have made about Virgin Media and share them on Social Media, stating if I lose business then it is only right Virgin Media loses business too.

So today by coincidence I receive an email to say my contract is up and if I want to leave I need to give them 30 days’ notice. I have not been in a contract for a few years as I begrudge being tied down to this shoddy outfit of a company. I will leave on my terms and not before.

Here are all the other posts I have written about this company:

ADDENDUM 12/03/22

Throughout this week I have had blue murder with this company and where I am supposed to have two bandwidths I only have one. Before I had 2g and 5g and I could choose the one that I could connect to, now I have only one choice 2g.

From what I can gather I think my SSID has been reset to 2g rather than split.

The blame-shifting is unbelievable insisting the problem may lie with my router but as the screenshot shows since maintenance was done in my area yesterday my speed has miraculously improved, which shows there is nothing wrong with my router.

Furthermore, in order to stay online, I pay for a backup hotspot from O2 which merged with its cowboy boy outfit of a company, and ever since the merger, my hotspot has not worked so I phoned O2 and they said it was nothing on their end as all my settings were fine and they transferred me to Apple who told me if I am trying to connect via wifi the problem is to do with Virgin Media setting even though Virgin Media was not having any of it.

So I totally lost it with Virgin on Thursday at approximately 16.51 hours as the first person I spoke to was no help at all so I asked for a copy of the phone recording and he all of a sudden did not understand what I was asking. He was in a call center so I asked to speak to his supervisor who answered although I could not hear very well as there was a party going on in the background with people cheering. He told me it was a meeting. Whatever the excuse, the customer who is already distressed should not have to listen to it.

I stated I wanted a copy of the previous phone call plus the phone call I had with him and he said I have to wait 30 days. I am not holding my breath. Furthermore, I said if my broadband was not working I would sue Virgin Media and he said he has put that on the system.

This is not how you treat your customers if you want to keep them!

Below is the screenshot in a PDF of all my speeds:


This is my screenshot for today 12/03/22 proving there is nothing wrong with my router or my wiring, cables, etc.


I received an email today screenshot below for Virgin Media claiming they have not detected any connectivity issues.

So in response to this, I have embedded the screenshots of my speeds, week commencing 14th March 2022 to today.

They are trying to pass the buck because:

I have also proven in the PDFs I do get good speeds!

So it is nothing to do with my equipment or my cables.

If they claim there could be a problem with the cables they can check from outside the property as I am not giving access to anyone entering my property.


Plus the now highlighted screenshot of my terms and conditions:


Now Virgin cannot ever claim they were not aware of this as every time I phoned I made reference to my website (www.irenata.com (which forwards to this website) which is part of a group of websites that I own that all have the same terms and conditions) and I prompted everyone I spoke to read this article.

I did request a copy of the last conversations I had with Virgin Media and by coincidence, they have not complied with my request. Why does that not surprise me?

I aim to reply to Virgin Media today and if I do not get a satisfactory response they will give me no alternative to share this with news agencies, GDPR (for not giving me the data I requested) and I will take legal action.

I did ask for an email from their legal department and the person I spoke to said they do not have an email, although I did manage to find one after ending the call: ODR@virginmedia.co.uk

Final thoughts From The Editor.

“So why am I not going to another provider”?

Here is my answer: moving to another provider is not the same as buying a loaf of bread. You have to give notice to the provider you want to move away from and then book an engineer for your new provider, this may not all happen on the same day I cannot be without an internet connection.

There could be a period of downtime whilst one provider has switched off your services, you may have no internet or telephone at all, whilst you wait for another provider to set you up. Furthermore, if you have home security you also have to pay for an engineer to come out to reset your system which costs money. So either way, you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t, but my main priority is I cannot afford to lose business as I have obligations to my clients and I cannot be without internet.

What I have also noticed before I had two bandwidths I could switch to 5g and 2g and in the last few weeks I now only have 2g even though they claim I have 5g. I need a split bandwidth and not just 2g. (I have even proven I have only 2g in my screenshots but they won’t have it…

It is lies, after lies after lies.

I reckon it is a money-saving tactic.

What is worth noting is they need to come to an amicable arrangement to stop me from sharing this all over the world wide web because my post may be seen by many people which will get others who are also unhappy with their service to share it as well, which will evidently make it go viral.

Considering they have 91% one-star reviews on Trustpilot I am sure they do not want to lose the little business that they have left.

Do read all my articles as there are steps that you can take to get compensation for a service that does not do what it promises.

For me, this is no ordinary complaint and I have now the emails to the CEOs, so let’s see what transpires when I reply to their email today.

For further reading about increasing internet speeds do read this article:


My Linkedin Profile:


UPDATE 27/03/22

I am sure this company is trying to test my patience or the arse does not know what the elbow is doing.

If they think for one minute I am calling their bluff they are very much mistaken because if I do not get a resolution soon I will blast this all over the internet and I will take legal action.

Here are two email screenshots one from the executive team and the second was yesterday asking for my feedback.

Funnily enough how my broadband is working all of a sudden, minus the 5g because I suspect my SSID has been reset to 2g and I do not have a split bandwidth anymore,

They asked for my feedback and here it is!!!


So today I am minding my business and was checking a website I own and all my browsers (Safari, Mozilla, Chrome & Edge) were saying there was a problem loading my website, so I proceeded to phone the hosting provider to be told and confirmed in the following screenshot of my email that my broadband provider has a problem connecting my website to any devices. The website in question is www.roathlife.co.uk What is even more mind-boggling all the other websites I own or manage are loading up fine, which tells me that VM is blocking my website.

** The ironic thing is my internet speeds are fine today for a change, which makes this even crazier.

Virgin Media is preventing me to do my work successfully AND is causing me ill health and emotional distress and it is time to sort this out once and for all!


UPDATE 04/04/22Virgin Chatting 💩

The saga continues, I phoned Virgin on Saturday twice, the first time someone put the phone down on me after telling me that Virgin does not guarantee WIFI connections and today the 4th April 2022 I was told the same.

So here is a screenshot of what broadband providers have to guarantee:


So on my second attempt today I asked for all the call recordings, this was now my third request in the last 30 days and apparently, the woman from the call center said she would definitely do it for me this time as she could not see any requests before speaking with her even though I asked this morning also.

I then quoted the names “John Malone” & “Lutz Schüler” and she did not know who these people were, so I replied they own Virgin Media and her bosses.

I said if I did not get a satisfactory response which she told me to wait 7 working days I would start emailing these people and contacting GDPR. I am physically and mentally drained from this company. Not once have they tried to resolve this, all they have done is played the runaround and passed the buck.

She was quick to upsell when I said I was never once offered the “Intelligent Wifi Plus” and I said I am not signing up for anything or paying for anything until this is resolved. As it stands I have lost business because of this company and my mental health has deteriorated. It is against the trading standards to charge for something that does not work. It would be interesting if I shared it with news agencies and journalists.

There is such as thing as litigation against emotional distress and I can definitely say this has played a massive toll on my mental health.

Here are the speeds from 25th March 2022 – to 4th April 2022



I was also told because I do not have business broadband I do not have a leg to stand on. If I thought for one minute that the service was going to be any better than what I have previously had I would have happily switched to business broadband instead of paying O2 for a hotspot that does not work any longer since the merger.

The trustworthiness of the company has gone straight out the window and in my eyes, they are not very credible.


#John C. Malone #Lutz Schüler #virginmedia #virginbroadband #virginmediabroadband

British Gas – Unprofessional Customer Service

Poor Customer Service – British Gas!


British Gas (trading as Scottish Gas in Scotland) is an energy and home services provider in the United Kingdom. It is the trading name of British Gas Services Limited and British Gas New Heating Limited, both subsidiaries of Centrica. Serving around twelve million homes in the United Kingdom, British Gas is the biggest energy supplier in the country and is considered one of the Big Six dominating the gas and electricity market in the United Kingdom. Citation Wikipedia.

Key People: Chris O’Shea (Chief Executive, Centrica Consumer) Matthew Bateman (Managing Director, UK Home).



Today I contacted my utility provider British Gas to move my payment date to another date and was met with a patronizing reception, as I will explain.

I was told I did not have a payment plan in place even though I have been paying monthly from day dot?

She also said I need to have a smart meter even though I have heard about smart meters being hacked and as an Editor of Several Publications including www.disabledentrepreneur.uk I have concerns about my security as I get attempted hacks every day:

Smart Meter Security Concerns



I disagree with anything that potentially could get hacked even smart fridge freezers. printers and smart TVs can get hacked.

My Bills

My bills are generated quarterly in arrears and as per the screenshot below, all I owed from January’s bill is £132.67.

This would be the same as me paying the bill off as soon as I received it, yet I was then told the usage of my gas from the time my last bill was generated was £45.03.

This should be reflected in my next bill and has nothing to do with the bill that was generated in January 2022.

Regardless of whether I pay the bill quarterly in one go or monthly it should be for that period in question.

I was paying £65.00 per month but now I have been told I have to pay £90.00 per month to include my usage to date spread over a 12 month period of perceived usage.

Why complicate things, when a bill is generated it includes the usage for that period, so why do complicated calculations?

I am happy to review my bill every 3 months that is not a problem.

For example, if a bill comes to £200.00 for the quarter then you should have the option to pay it off in one go £200 or pay it in 3 monthly installments of £66.67, not all this future usage BS.

Now let me do the maths.

I owed £132.67 from my last bill in January 2022 until I made the phone call today which shot to £177. 00

Had I have kept my mouth shut and not tried to move the payment date my bill would not have inflated today.

Had I have kept my mouth shut and just paid the £65.00 as normal without any communication or moving the date the outstanding payment was for £132.67 which divided by two month’s monthly payments until my next bill would have been £66.35 per month but the woman “Sonia” I believe although I could be wrong added the usage to date which would have been added in my next bill in April of an extra £45.03 so now because I wanted to move my payment date to the 15th of the month another bill was generated just to be spiteful considering my usage is supposed to be a bill in arrears, it is unfair to generate two bills for the same period/quarter.

It will be interesting from what date my next quarterly bill will be generated on and will see if the £45.03 that was unnecessarily invoiced today will be reflected. If they do not subtract the £45.03 from the next bill they will be essentially scamming me.

This corporation is not helping the consumer and like with all my articles it is only fair that this information is shared with the public on social media. But first I am waiting to be affiliated with a competitor before making a dent in their pocket.

My current usage should have been reflected in my next bill in April.

Yet to bump the price up of my current bill the woman added my current usage to date even though I should be billed in April for this.

Patronizing and Judgemental

British Gas are aware I have a disability so the next thing I found very patronizing, rude, and judgemental, as I said in my last post about Virgin Media it is high tide I have a Wikipedia page so that people actually know who they are dealing with.

  1. When I said I that £90 per month on Gas was ridiculously high “Sonia”said and I quote “we are all in the same boat and that some of us have to work for a living“, insinuating I was unemployed. If some celebrity questioned their bill one would not judge them yet someone who may not have a celebrity status gets judged, work that one out. She even continued to say “I could get help with benefits“, she was making assumptions and trying to judge me even though she did not know who I really am. The phone was on loud speaker and my daughter heard this, so I corrected the women and told her I am self employed and there was a pause and then she said “oh ok”. I asked for a transcript of the conversation and was told she would put me through to someone but that never happened because I guess she thought better of it to stir the nest. I did not get an email on the 8th just a couple of text messages on how to manage my usage, so this tells me no transcript is going to be sent, they certainly do not want me to contact my solicitors.
  2. I tried haggling the price down and when I said I am happy paying £65 as I was paying she said she would put me on a payment plan of £78 spread over 3 years, but that would affect my credit score, so seeing as I was backed into a corner I told her I wanted to protect my credit score and I agreed on paying the £90 ( £90 x 2 Months till my next bill comes to £180 and not £177 as my outstanding balance suggests) but agreeing on these charges would have consequences for ‘British Gas” because I told her I would be publishing an article and she then patronisingly said “but are you sure you can pay the £90 to which I replied I will eat 30p Ramen Noodles if I have to to” (sarcasticly – although I think she thought I was being serious). She even went on to say you would not go to a supermarket and get £100 worth of groceries and only pay £65, she continued to say that prices are going to go up again next month” Put it this way by the time I am finished with this company they will wish they never started on me and they lose more that £90 per month as I am in throughs of affiliating myself with one of their competitors. She even went as far as asking if I had a carer or support worker (it was not any of her business and this information about my disability should to be made available from every tom, dick or harry to read), obviously she was not aware of who I am. To think a simple task of moving my payment to another date would cause all this hassle and emotional distress is unbelievable. I dread to think about people who do not have a way to defend themslves from these corporations that use bully tactics. I will be also enforcing they remove all my data to it has the bare minimum before looking for another provider.

I always give my clients affordable payment plans and I certainly do not post their late payments on credit agencies“.

British Gas should generate a bill and give the option to pay it in 3 monthly installments, or spread the cost over 6, or 12 installments, or pay it outright. Either way, there will be usage generated in the shortfall.

Meter Readings

My meter is located inside my open porch outside my building. It is about 8 feet above the ground towards the entrance to the front door. I was told because I have not given a meter reading my bills are estimated. So I replied that I had already explained to someone previously that someone would have to climb a ladder and they said they would send someone out to do this. There would be no contact with anyone the engineer would just have to climb a step ladder to read the meter. He would not even need to ring the doorbell.

Yet the woman today said because of Covid “British Gas” is not sending out engineers to read the meters and it is my responsibility. to do this.

So how would she explain all the meter readings during Covid Regulations in 2020/2021 as in the screenshot below:

Why should I do British Gas’s job, Covid regulations have now been relaxed so there is absolutely no reason for an engineer/meter reader to not come and read the meter and they should not use “Covid” as an excuse. I have had workmen come to my property including the Gas Engineer to check my boiler so the “British Gas – Covid” excuse is pathetically lame.

I replied I will have to climb a ladder myself and she replied “please don’t hurt yourself” like she really cared (not).

Caring For the Environment

I was told that seeing my payment plan had changed and I refused to set up a direct debit that they would send me out a payment card, (I just bin them) and I said that “British Gas” is not helping the environment causing carbon footprints and eco emission sending out something that was not warranted by myself.

I have their bank details and can access their website so why send out plastic and why not save the environment and the trees for all their paper and envelopes. The woman said she is sending it out just in case I ever go out and want to pay over the counter…really?

Obviously, they have money to waste sending out wasteful plastic cards and letters, charging astronomical prices for their bills which the consumer pays for and it all comes out of the consumer’s pockets. The value of the gas coming out of the ground does not increase in price it is the greedy corporate fat cats that increase the prices to line their greedy pockets.

How about saving the planet.

Complaints Procedure

Notice there is no direct complaint email just their General Enquiry email generalenquiry@britishgas.co.uk

If you want to lodge a complaint, be prepared for what you want to say.

  1. Firstly write your complaint down and add all evidence with the times and dates.
  2. Send an email to British Gas do not forget to add you customer account into the header of the email: generalenquiry@britishgas.co.uk
  3. Wait a few days for a reply, you should have an autoresponder email saying yours has been received.
  4. If you do not get a reply to your email proceed to phone them. Call between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on this number: 0333 202 9532
  5. Write a review on trustpilot, I have noticed British Gas do reply to your reviews.
  6. If you are still disatisfied with their descision you can send a copy of your email to their head office recorded and signed for: Complaints Management Team. PO Box 226 Rotherham S98 1PB
  7. If you still feel you have run into a dead end and all else has failed you can contact the Ombudsman. Call: 0330 440 1624 Textphone: 0330 440 1600 Email: enquiry@ombudsman-services.org Go online: ombudsman-services.org/energy Write to: Ombudsman Services: Energy, PO Box 966, Warrington WA4 9DF.


Reviews speak volumes: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.britishgas.co.uk?stars=1

Changing Gas Suppliers


Final Notes From Editor

My experience today was far from pleasant and to make matters worse the woman “Sonia” if that is her real name was patronizing and judgemental. I have learned that one should not judge anyone or assume regardless of who they are or what they do.

“I want a transcript or phone recording of what transpired today”!

The emotional distress this operator put me through, I felt physically sick after putting the phone down from her.

My daughter who overheard the whole conversation and suffers from “Multiple Sclerosis” said she is never moving out as she never wants to deal with utility companies after hearing what played out today and that she would have definitely relapsed had she have had to deal with this herself.

Shocking and Disgraceful!

Domain Name For Sale!


Oh did I forget to mention I own this Domain Name”?

UPDATE 09/02/22


I phoned to double-check if ‘Sonia’ had actually updated my payment plan and I asked about my telephone call yesterday and the guy I spoke with said it was being processed 3 hours ago. He was very offish with me from the moment he answered the call and when the call was ended he simply hung up without a thank you or goodbye. I reckon they have read this article as I told them the website I was going to post my disdain on. Let’s just see how long they take sending the copy of the phone call I had yesterday. Will update you in this post as and when I get any feedback.

UPDATE NO 2: I received the recording that was only 6 minutes and 5 seconds long but I was on the phone for approximately 59 minutes as per screenshot proof below:

UPDATE No 3: (14/02/22) Despite me giving explicit instructions for whoever was in charge of giving me the copy of the whole recording to email me as I am not accepting phone calls, the person who I now know to be Sonia tried phoning me. She then sent a text message saying she will phone me at 2 pm today.

So now I have to reschedule a very important meeting because British Gas is too lazy to shoot me an email and they take for granted that people will just pick up the phone just because they are phoning.

I now have a very unhappy client, a very important Director having to wait around until Sonia calls.

I think she thinks I am a nobody or a “sweetheart” as she called me in the first recording.

Let’s just see what transpires from the call once I put her in her place…

A few minutes and she phoned me…

….I got a call from Sonia who said the call was only recorded for 6 minutes and they did not record the rest of the 53 minutes of the call by coincidence 🤣 because they are covering up what was in the call. Basically, I think she may have some say on how much of the call I should have.

She went on to say they do not correspond by email, although I have had emails in the past from them and that she is deadlocking the complaint, meaning I cannot discuss the complaint with British Gas after 24 hours and I have to deal with the ombudsman.

She was totally complacent about me rescheduling my meeting, water off a duck back so to speak.

Oh well, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Let’s see how much business they lose when I start marketing their competitors.

If you have similar stories to share just give send me a message using the form below:

#utilitiycompanies #utilityproviders #britishgas #britishgassupplier #gassupplier #cardiffgasengineers #ChrisOShea #MatthewBateman

Virgin Media Sub Standard Service

Virgin Media


Virgin Media is a British telecommunications company that provides telephone, television, and internet services throughout the United Kingdom. Virgin Media headquarters are at Green Park in Reading, England. It is owned by Virgin Media O2, a 50:50 a recent joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefónica.

The key people are John C. Malone (chairman) and Lutz Schüler (CEO).

Virgin Media Sub Standard Service.

Virgin Media is on my radar yet again, and after being put on hold for more than half an hour I decided to publish this post as the woman I spoke to laughed when I said she does not know who she was dealing with.

When she finally came back to me she said she would put me through to the tech team but what I was connected to was the “Gadget Rescue Helpline” where at the beginning of the message this was a chargeable service and they would tell me how much it would cost before carrying out any work.

So seeing as Virgin Media has pushed my buttons again here are my screenshots, with the first being my internet speed where the women claimed my reading was incorrect, so I am imagining things now?…….really. Even if my reading were incorrect it would not explain the super slow internet connection.

I also asked her to confirm that I had the fastest internet speed and she said seeing as Virgin Media have recently merged with O2 my internet speed was no longer the fastest and my package had changed. No one had informed me about this, no letter, no email, and no push notification to my mobile, absolutely nothing, she had the opportunity to upsell but did not.

I have a gut feeling I was talking to Virgin Mobile rather than the Virgin Broadband Department as she quoted my speed to be really high and that could only mean she was checking the speed from a mobile phone.

The speed from the mobile phone is always going to be faster than a laptop or desktop computer because of the way the gadgets are built.

The second screenshot is of two bills I have paid, yet both are saying they are overdue.

I am dammed if they slap on a £10.00 late payment charge even though I do not owe a single penny.

This is called scamming and I will be sure to phone them back again tomorrow just to show them this post.


My internet speed has not been resolved, I rely on the internet to do my work so to have a substandard connection I do not see why I have to pay a single penny to this company whilst considering they are in breach of their terms to provide me a service that works.

From now on for every hour my internet is not working I will charge a fee of £100 per hour or £400 per per day because in my terms and conditions anyone preventing me from carrying out my work in a sufficient manner is liable to compensate me.

It is high tide I create a Wikipedia page as I am finding people are not taking me seriously.

This company do not want me to start posting all over the internet considering I have over 10K followers on LinkedIn and bad reviews spread like wildfire.

Virgin Media reviews on TrustPilot speaks volumes.


Obviously, these people I am referring to the Chairman and CEO are too high and mightly to deal with such trivialities but if the shoe was on the other foot and they had a business that heavily relied on a good broadband connection, i.e website designer, marketing, domain brokering and content writing, video creation and rendering, they would soon be singing a different tune if it affected them directly.

I am with O2 for my mobile and have never had a problem, so was very surprised that they merged with this shambles of a company.

So you are perhaps thinking if this company is so bad why do I not leave? and the aswer is simple, to get another provider to set up a new broadband connection is not an overnight process. I cannot be offline at all as I support businesses by having chat open and help with inquiries, plus the fact I have to market and manage websites is virtually impossible to achieve without an internet connection.

One thing for certain I will never recommend this company “Virgin Media” to anyone.

The bottom line is they need people like me to give them good reviews.

It will be interesting what they say when they finally read my post.


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Amazon Attempted Christmas Delivery 2021 – Feedback CEO Andy Jassy

Disappointed Boy – Emotional Distress – Frustration


I normally post reviews on my marketing website but this is personal.

Yesterday I had an Eastern European Amazon Driver stick his two fingers up at me and refused to give me my parcel (Krupnik).

I was expecting two parcels yesterday and had a notification from Amazon that my one parcel failed to deliver. I looked out of my window and noticed the driver outside so I ran downstairs and waved him down. I asked could he please give me the parcel and in his very broken English he refused, said no, waved his hand up in the air and what looked like him sticking his two fingers up at me and drove off. His hand was up and his two fingers were separated in a V shape.

I then tried to phone Amazon customer service and both times I got cut off, I then used their quicker option via the text link, that’s a joke, I ended up with a robot. I then proceeded to phone again (the third time) and managed to get through and the person I spoke to said she would escalate it with the delivery manager who phoned me and said both deliveries would arrive by 10 pm yesterday.

So, 10 pm came and went and nothing so I phoned back again and was told it is still out for delivery even though the cut-off period for deliveries is 10 pm. I stated I was not going to wait all night long, so the customer service said it would be re-arranged for today (24/12/21).

I then went to sleep and this morning noticed an email to say the one parcel had been delivered to a resident on (23/12/21) at 23.28 hours. Seeing as I was asleep and my neighbors are on holiday is must have been delivered to the Ghost of Christmastide.

With now a total disdain towards Amazon at this point, I phoned back again today (24/12/21), the first time I could hardly hear anything as the connection was so bad and the phone got cut off, the second time I rang every other word the person said “please hold” proceeding to connect me to music about four times and eventually I got so sick and tired of him messing around and I ended the call. On (the third attempt), I spoke to someone and he was really understanding, he said if the parcel was not delivered today he would re-arrange delivery for tomorrow (25/12/21) and gave me credit of £5.00 for my trouble.

Apparently, Amazon does deliveries on Christmas Day?

I then waited for my delivery today (24/12/21) as discussed by the agent I spoke to and one of the items was delivered (Krupnik), so I phoned back yet again (fourth attempt to resolve the issue of the missing chocolate controller) seeing as I no longer had a tracking number for the parcel that went astray.

I ended up talking to someone who had an attitude saying he could not help me completely contradicting what the previous agent said. I insisted on speaking with his supervisor who said he would issue a refund, so why could the previous agent not do that rather than say he could not help me? Furthermore, the supervisor continued to say the item could not be delivered for Christmas Day, that he had no control over the third-party seller.

I said what about the little boy that no longer will have his Christmas present and he said I could re-order the same item and have it re-delivered for Christmas Day, totally contradicting the first statement he made.

I said that the previous agent said he would re-order it for me and waiver any delivery fees seeing it was Christmas Day, yet the supervisor I spoke with (24/12/21) said because it was a third-party seller he had no control over the delivery meaning they would give a £5.00 credit in one hand and take it away in delivery fees in the other.

I replied Amazon has successfully ruined someone’s Christmas and he replied but we gave you £5.00 credit and a refund as if I really care about the £5.00 and I had at this point the impression I should be kissing his feet and be totally grateful for the half-hearted apology and for the £5.00 they so generously gave me.

If I was to re-order the said item again I would have to pay the delivery fee to get it on Christmas Day, so what compensation have I had for my inconvenience and the emotional distress this has caused me.

**Furthermore when I tried re-ordering it again the price of the item increased and was not guaranteed to arrive on Christmas Day.

This is a total insult to what I have personally gone through in the last two days.

Will I consider developing an eCommerce platform in 2022 and give Amazon a run for their money, the possibility is worth considering and I am more than capable of doing so. Will I lessen the amount of business I do with Amazon remains to be seen?, what they fail to realize is I have more than one account as I run several businesses and spend a lot of money, so I will be eagerly awaiting a response from them?

In total, I phoned four times yesterday and a delivery manager also phoned me. Which was 5 communications and a further 4 phone calls on the (24/12/21)and I spoke to 4 people, 3 of which I had a conversation with, so in total 9 people over the fiasco of two parcels, the first parcel being Krupnik Wisniowy/Cherry Vodka Liqueur, 50 cl that the driver refused to give and gave me the two fingers, and the second parcel Chocolate Gaming Controller Set Novelty Chocolate Gift (Single Controller).

This is absolutely disgusting customer service and no one should have to go through what I have gone through.


This is not how you should treat your customers and every customer brings in a profit, hence you should treat your customers with the highest regard regardless of what business you are in or how much they spend.

I should not be escalating it to the top of the ladder but had Amazon had a complaints email I would much rather have sent a complaint there and worked myself up the ladder if needed.

Staff needs to be trained in customer relations and no member of staff should be disrespectful or rude to a customer. If a member of staff has troubles at home they should not bring them to work and most definitely should not take out their frustration on a customer.

If a customer then raises a complaint you should not add further insult to injury!

ADD ON 25/12/21


To make matters even worse I gave my daughter as part of her stocking filler presents the following item: ORDER NUMBER 202-5033871-6416352 Saviland Acrylic Powder and Liquid Set, Acrylic Nail Kit. The outer packaging was sealed and so was the bottle as can be seen in the image below.

The acrylic liquid bottle (Monomer) had over 3 quarters of the solution missing. There was no spillage in the box it came in, although the box stank of acrylic solution.

So now I am having to send it back causing me further inconvenience having to take time out of my busy life to mess around finding a drop-off point.

If it shows clearly that the bottle is sealed then returning it is pointless as it cannot be resold as the whole box is open.

So Amazon is not very eco-friendly when they create carbon footprints to send back items that will end up in a landfill somewhere.

Granted Amazon may deliver in electric vehicles most of the time but returns are not done through them but through third-party couriers, who may not adopt the same principle. Amazon should review returns digitally so that it does not cause further damage to our planet. When an item is damaged and cannot be resold the recipient should simply have photographic/video evidence. It is not difficult to do this as the majority of the planet owns smartphones nowadays.

Finally seeing as I am on the Amazon Warpath if the recipient of the delivery is clearly is over the age of 18 they should not be made to show ID, yet every time I get delivery for my energy drinks I am asked to show ID. Obviously, delivery drivers are like sheep they do not have an ounce of common sense between them. Amazon should only enforce this rule if the person receiving the said parcel looks under the age of 18 and not a grown-up person that is nearly 60 years of age…Totally Ridiculous in my opinion…

It is getting to be beyond a joke having to deal with Amazon time after time.



I never did get a response back from ‘CEO Andy Jassy’, obviously, he will see this as trivial and think he is too big for his boots to respond or get his minions to make contact.

It obviously shows that Amazon does not care about their consumers and what they have to deal with.

If on the other hand the shoe was on the other foot so to speak and I read something negative or derogatory online about myself or the company I represent I would try to reach out to the person to try and resolve the issue and get them to write a good review after the issue was resolved but to blatantly ignore someone shows a lot about the CEO and the company he/she represents.

It just shows the difference between a CEO and a Leader!

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UK Tea Store Recommendation

I highly recommend Harrison Teas to deliver the finest teas at competitive prices.

With the cold weather and Christmas around the corner, what better than to stay home with your feet up drinking a hot cup of tea. If you love the teas as much as I do you may wish to gift your friends, family, or colleagues this Christmas with a present that will not disappoint.

Everyone loves a cup of tea!

www,harrsonteas.co.uk Video Designed By UK Website Designers

Visit the Online Shop Today.


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Virgin Media Connectivity Issues

Virgin Media Broadband.

I have been with this company for a few years now and initially was bound by a contract in which I am now free to leave whenever it suits me. Up to just over a year ago, the service was acceptable but since Lockdown of last year, the service is appaulling.

I have over the last year or so given this company the benefit of the doubt that the issues I have been facing are being rectified.

Now considering most people are now working from home you would think they would get their act together and anything below the service that you signed for is against the consumer rights act 2015 and you have the right to get some of your money back if not all.

For me, I pay for the fastest internet going and no way do I reach those speeds ever.

So today I phoned and emphasised who I am and what I am capable of doing.

I gave them my website address and said I have a lot of connections on Linkedin nearly 10K to be precise and will make sure this company loses business if my internet goes down again.

If I am losing business then it is only right they should too!

I said I will publish random dates screenshots of all the times I have had no internet or the connectivity issues were lagging.

I have already written about them before on my marketing site:


However, I have never done anything like sharing it on Social Media.

They are now pushing my buttons and it is time I spoke up for the nation.

I do not think they realize who I am and if it happens again I will be posting on Linkedin and on every social media platform as well as making sure Lutz Schüler the CEO gets to read it.

Companies pay me to generate leads and I am good at it.

I charge £300 per hour for my services which equates to £5.00 per minute which if you take today’s conversation into the scenario at 32 minutes talking to Virgin that is £160 that they owe me for interrupting my work, my business, and wasting my valuable time.

I have a responsibility to my paying clients to have chat open on their websites and for people to message with enquiries. This potentially can lose business for my clients if my internet goes down.

Here are some more unhappy customers in Cardiff:


Here is what trustpilot reviews have to say about this company:


I am not calling their bluff, I am being serious, if my internet goes down one more time I will go out of my way to let everyone know on this planet about this company.

This Is This Evenings Speed.

UPDATE 16/07/21

So today I phone up yet again and this time I am told the reason for the issue is because my devices are not distributed properly across the bands. Apparently, I have two bandwidths and he goes onto say I need to do this that, and the other. I replied I pay for a service it is not my problem or my job how I get the service and I should not be messing around with bandwidths. This is the classic example “it’s not us it’s you” scenario and I turned around I do not have time to mess around so the call ended.

It is funny that the numerous times I have phoned up before no one bothered to mention this to me.

According to the customer services person this is what he was trying to say:

Connections best for 5 GHz band:

  • Gaming consoles
  • PCs
  • Smartphones
  • Smart TVs

Connections best for 2.4 GHz band:

  • Smart speakers
  • Smart home devices
  • Security cameras

I as a consumer should not be messing about with this and it should automatically detect what devices are being used.

Further Update: 20/07/21

So today yet again I end up phoning them again and did not even bother screen-shotting my screen only to be put through to someone who was trying to wriggle out of admitting fault. He said he need to send an engineer and I point blank refused. He then insisted I justify myself to him why I did not want an engineer.

I said there is nothing wrong with my cables and the modem was not faulty unless they send out second hand refurbished routers and wait for this he only replied he could not guarantee if I had a secondhand or refurbished router or not”…………. wtf.

He then went onto say that the previous person I spoke to last week gave me misinformation as the router automatically detects the GHz and there was no need for me to do anything. Obviously, the a##e does not know what the elbow is doing.

He continued to ask if I have any devices that are IOS and he said well that is where problem lies because of weak security and that I needed to configure the Virgin Security Setting.

I replied I do not have time for this and needed to get off the phone but he was not letting me end the call.

It is as if they are purposely hired to tick of customers.

I told him to send me the instructions via email and he said he could not write an email to me yet in the following screenshots it looks like he wrote out part of the email. So lie after lie and by some miracle, my wifi is working properly this afternoon so it cannot be anything to do with any faulty cables or equipment, and just to prove a point I will end this update with a screenshot of my internet speed.

For further reading about increasing interent speeds do read this article:


My Linkedin Profile:


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Support, Encouragement & Brand Awareness.

Support & Encouragement.

I did a social experiment yesterday by sending a link back to this website via text message to my family to see their reactions and not one of them responded, interacted, commented, shared, or liked my website. The message was delivered and opened.

I did this experiment not only to show brand awareness as some members do not know exactly what I do as they have never made an effort to find out, so I wanted to show them my personal brand rather than send numerous links to all my websites and blogs I own.

This would show valuable assets by having exact match searchable keyword and phrases domain names as well as developed websites. This would have also shown them a portfolio of digital real estate that I own.

So I was extremely disappointed that I had no response which prompted me to write a post on my other site and explain why people may not want to support you or give you the encouragement you need. https://disabledentrepreneur.uk/support-encouragement

All I can say is not only did they choose to ignore me they also opted out of spreading my personal brand awareness which would generate traffic and make me more visible it would have also helped my readers by spreading awareness about their disabilities, physical and mental. It would have helped empower more visitors to subscribe to the site.

Obviously, I do not rely on anyone helping me generate traffic, I am an SEO expert after all and I am not going to cry over spilled milk but I do learn fast and find ignorance distasteful.

Lesson Learnt.

People can scroll past my content all day long if they want, but if I reach out to certain people purposely, at least have the decency to respond, it says a lot about you if you don’t.

iRenata B2B Services

Sample of My Critical Time Path.

Critical Time Path

The critical time path is not set in stone, but depending how many websites I manage will depend on how many hours I have to dedicate in any given month. I simply do not have any spare time.

Phone Calls

I have noticed people of late randomly phoning me at all hours of the day and night even though I clearly have my business hours set on my websites.

They phone me without scheduling appointments and are oblivious to time zones even though it clearly says I am in the UK.

I cannot answer the phone as I could be in the middle of meetings or migrating or coding and cannot be disturbed. I have since put my phone on “DO NOT DISTURB” so apologies for any convenience caused but I cannot talk to you unless you book an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Furthermore, consider putting what you wish to discuss in writing via email rather than calling.

My Business is purely Online B2B, I do not do physical face to face meetings”.

Finally, I cannot be away from my computer as I have an online chat option that I manage for my customers so cannot take time off work or walk away and chat for 5 minutes.

Five minutes away from my computer could be the difference between a company losing business or not and everything is trackable. I do not want to be in a position to have to explain to a business owner that I missed a chat with somebody.

I could outsource my work but I won’t because, from previous disasters stories which I have written about on my marketing site, from clients I have spoken to, I have a promise to all the businesses I manage I will not outsource work or give any virtual assistants and developers my work unless I know them personally and they are on my books.

Do not assume I can take time off work to socialize. If you are working for someone you have a guaranteed wage, whilst a self-employed entrepreneur does not, so please consider the person’s circumstances before judging or making assumptions.

I wrote about people making assumptions on my other site: https://disabledentrepreneur.uk/why-do-people-assume-or-presume

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Business & Life Coaching

What is Business & Life Coaching

Business & Life Coaching is a form of development in which a person who is experienced in the niche they are coaching, called a coach, supports the learner in personal development or client in business to achievie specific goals by providing training and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee.

I specialise in startups and in disability entrepreneurship. I can also advise through my own experiences life coaching and mentoring for any individual or business that needs support in their day to day lives.

I offer a free 15 minute phone call consultation for anyone wishing to discuss anything.

Please contact me using the form below to set up a call back.

iRenata.com Business Card

This is My Virtual Business Card.

My Virtual Business Card is a quick and easy link to my SEO Link Wheel of all my websites, blogs, and social media pages. Please note I do not outsource my work or wish to work with any company. I do not need help with SEO or Website Design and this site is merely a landing page and nothing more. I do not trade from this site. This site is just a quick overview of what I do. I simply use this site as a quick link for people to learn more about me saving myself having to write my bio out every time.

To learn more visit my page:

In order for the world to know who you are you need to build your personal brand and announce it globally.

Building a Network of Connections helps to give your Business added exposure.

Writing and Mentoring Specialist Content that people can relate to and are inspired by helps to gain followers that value your knowledge. Hence I try to use the expertise I have accumulated over the years to motivate and inspire others.

With nearly 10 thousand followers on LinkedIn, I can safely say people are recognising who I am. I am only getting started.

My story is diverse learn more by viewing my network of static sites, blogs, and social media pages:


I serve B2B clients worldwide.

I manage businesses using a critical time path sample (CTP) which is set out below.

My Sample Critical Time Path.


  • Business Consultation
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Branding & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimisation
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Editorial Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Domain  Name Sales, Acquisitions & Brokering
  • Public Relations
  • Journalistic Content Writing, Blog Posts, and Articles.
  • Book Design
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  • Mentoring