*Website Design, (For Development of a Domain Name)
*Domain Brokering, (For attempting to find prospective buyers/investors)
*Business Coaching, (For advising on the best strategies and solutions)
*Ecommerce, (For setting up ecommerce platforms and payment gateways)
*SEO Marketing, (For promoting the website to its full potential)
*Internet Marketing, ( For Advertising using campaigns, sending emails & PPC)
*Social Media Marketing, (For company awareness on social networks, spread the word).
*Graphic Design, (For Designing Logos, Stationary and Literature)
*App Design, (To taking your brand to the next level ideal for tablet and mobile phones)
*Affiliate Marketing, (To monetising your domain name, whist generating traffic)
*Re-Branding, (Help make the transition and advertise to a wide audience)
*Books/eBooks Design & Publishing, (Help a business write about their services)
*Blog Posts & Articles, (Write as if you are an author and write about the niche) Journalism
*Press Release, (Let journalists write about the business you are promoting)
*Photo Restoration, (Image editing for websites)
*Commercial and Industrial Photography, (Corporate Photos of business and staff), Art, Photojournalism

I use SEO Link Wheels to drive traffic to my websites and advise all business to adapt a similar strategy.

Here is an example of my own SEO Link Wheel:

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