Tesco Customer Support (Order No 5751-0867-141)

Today I made an order and realized after I received my online receipt Tesco had removed a couple of items. I proceeded then to go on their website after logging in knowing they use geolocation algorithms that the said items were plentiful.

Tesco Chicken Breast

I then proceeded to phone Tesco and was met with a COLD unsympathetic person.

I explained I have a DISABILITY and do not go out and have been a loyal Tesco shopper for many years (I did not say how many years, 35 to be precise, but whos counting).

You would think if I was in her shoes and someone came on to the phone complaining I would try to help the person, if my hands were tied I would pass the call to my manager.

Customer Service: 0330 123 4040

All she said was but we did not charge you, fair point. But what she failed to grasp is I am disabled and find it difficult to get up and down the stairs so to have two deliveries is going to put a strain on me.

I then said I was not going to pay for another £40 Tesco shop to get free delivery and for two items, I should not be charged a delivery fee when clearly the chicken breasts are in stock.

She said at the time of packing there were no suitable substitutions. The screenshot says otherwise. They stock up regularly so I do not believe the BS she was trying to feed me.

The customer service operator said she could not make me do anything. I said and I quote “you could waive the next delivery fee” and her reply was it is against company policy.

She was being awkward so I said I have a few websites and quoted the domains www.cymrumarketing.com and www.renataentrepreneur.com websites and said Tesco will not want me to do a bad review as they stand to lose business if I was to write anything.

I think she was calling my bluff and did not believe what I was saying and for a minute it went silent before she continued to say “do what you want”.

I reiterated I am disabled and own www.disabilityuk.co.uk so you would think Tesco would use discretion to help disabled people but obviously, they don’t.

I could have said “do you know who I am“, although some days I do not know who I am🤣😂, instead I said “karma will pay you back”, before putting the phone down.

My daughter said I was harsh but then again if they don’t do any favours why should I be nice? Do I feel remorseful, sure I do because you do not know what someone is going through when you become angry with them.

In all honesty, the woman I spoke to was just doing her job but if she was not trained properly, then the onus is on Tesco.

So if she gets to read this “I am sorry for being a b#tch“!

However you have to look at it from my perspective I am now one meal down and have been backed into a corner for them to deliver an item that was not in stock apparently, but miraculously became available again a few hours later although now I have to pay the delivery fee, which could have been avoided if someone used their common sense in the first instance.

Perhaps this is Tesco’s way of making extra money, by getting people to make two shops instead of one?

Should retail customer service use discretion to maintain customer loyalty

In the world of retail, customer loyalty is key to success. While a company can attract new customers through marketing and advertising, keeping them coming back is a different story. Customer service plays a significant role in building a loyal customer base. One way to maintain customer loyalty is by using discretion in customer service interactions.

Discretion is the ability to make decisions based on individual circumstances rather than following strict rules or guidelines. In retail customer service, discretion allows employees to handle unique situations in a way that benefits the customer and the company. When employees are given the freedom to make decisions, they can provide personalized service that meets the customer’s needs.

For example, let’s say a customer wants to return an item but doesn’t have the original receipt. Instead of denying the return outright, an employee who uses discretion might offer the customer store credit or a refund for the lowest sale price of the item. By using discretion, the employee can make a decision that benefits both the customer and the company, instead of following a strict return policy that could leave the customer dissatisfied and less likely to shop at the store in the future.

Using discretion in customer service can also help build trust with customers. When employees are empowered to make decisions, customers feel like they are being heard and that their individual needs are being taken into account. This creates a positive experience for the customer and can lead to increased loyalty.

However, it’s important to note that discretion should be used judiciously. Employees should be trained on when and how to use discretion, and there should be guidelines in place to ensure that employees are making decisions that benefit both the customer and the company. For example, an employee should not use discretion to give a customer a discount that is not available to other customers. This could create resentment among other customers and damage the company’s reputation.

In addition, discretion should not be used as a way to avoid following policies or rules. Instead, it should be used to provide personalized service that meets the customer’s needs while also benefiting the company. By doing so, companies can build a loyal customer base that values the service and experiences they receive.


Using discretion in retail customer service can be an effective way to maintain customer loyalty. When employees are empowered to make decisions based on individual circumstances, they can provide personalized service that meets the customer’s needs and builds trust. However, discretion should be used judiciously and with guidelines in place to ensure that decisions benefit both the customer and the company. By doing so, companies can create a positive experience for customers that keeps them coming back.

To think I have been a loyal customer for 35 years you would think they would care. I am gutted that I opted out of their survey as I would give them my opinion there and then.

These PLC companies only care about sales and not about customer relations or people with disabilities.

The customer support operator did not care about keeping me as a loyal customer and did not care about keeping Tesco’s good name in order let alone losing business.

I give Tesco one star for their customer support performance today.

Maybe it is about time I start shopping elsewhere.

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