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Meter Reading Proof (EON)

Meter Reading Taken 2nd November 2023

I have an ongoing dispute going on with EON Next and when I submitted my meter reading today which was something like 700 hundred units lower than their estimated reading, the online submission form came back that that is a little low. I do not know what they are insinuating when I have a witness who took the reading for me.

EON Next are scammers and the Ombudsman has not investigated them properly.

I won’t go into all the evidence here which I have collated but tell me if my calculations are wrong:

The bill does not reflect all the payments by myself and the government and all the meter readings which I have broken down. The readings do not lie…

I am disputing my bill, I believe I am being overcharged. You have not reflected all the deductions you have made and all the payments that have been made when sending me this invoice.

Do you not think this is alarming and questionable that I have been charged Electricity £1,031.78 DR since my last two meter readings, when I was in credit on the 17th of July 2023 by £290.06 and my balance according to you is now -£918.38DR ??? Is there something wrong with this bill??? The latest credits do not reflect all the payments that have been made by the government or by myself:

I have broken down payments and deductions to how much my unit prices and standing day charge come to for the period 5th October 2022 to 12th August 2023.

  • 05/10/22 Manual Meter Reading 17593
  • 19/07/23 Data Meter Reader 21947
  • 12/08/23 Manual Meter Reading 22016

TOTAL UNITS BETWEEN 05/10/22 – 19/07/23 = 4,354 UNITS @ 50.84 p/kWH = £2,220.54

PLUS, MANUAL METER READING 12/08/23 22016 = 69 UNITS FROM 19/07/23 TO 12/08/23 @ 50.84 p/kWH = £35.19

Standing Charge @ 57.54p per day Total Days 05/10/22 to 12/08/23 = 311 days = £177.27






TOTAL UNITS 4423 X .51p PER UNIT = £2,255.73

MINUS PAYMENTS £982.00 = £1,273.73

MINUS DEDUCTIONS = £574.50 = £699.23

MINUS BALANCE CREDIT £290.06 = £409.17


SUBTOTAL £586.44

£2255.73 + £177.27 (Standing Charge) = £2433




I have not even included the credits for the 7th July 2023 Energy Price Guarantee 283.0 kWh @ 16.57p/kWh £46.90.

13th April 2023 = Energy Price Guarantee 364.5 kWh @ 31.84p/kWh £116.07

13th January 2023 Energy Price Guarantee 378.7 kWh @ 17.00p/kWh £64.38

Further Ducduction For Energy Price Guarantee – TOTAL £227.35

So, my actual bill should be £586.44 MINUS ENERGY PRICE GUARANTEE DEDUCTIONS £227.35 = £359.09 Minus Payment of £72.00 16/08/23 Should Be £287.09

Energy Price Guarantee in the UK is a government scheme to help households with their energy bills by providing a discount on the unit rates of gas and electricity.

According to the official website, this scheme does not involve any extra charge for the customers, but the government funds it through general taxation. The scheme ended in April 2023, and I realize that after that the energy prices will be determined by Ofgem’s price cap.

According to the ombudsman they are siding with EON Next and my actual bill is £872.90

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Rampaging energy profiteering.

“Rampaging energy profiteering”.

I cannot believe what I am reading “Centrica ‘has been coining it in from our massive energy bills’ and has seen their profits soar to more than £3 billion”. Centrica ‘has been coining it in from our massive energy bills’ and has seen their profits soar to more than £3 billion – London Business News | Londonlovesbusiness.com

The article continues with the quote: “Rishi Sunak should get a grip – pull the plug on rampaging energy profiteering, impose a meaningful, tough windfall tax, and give the NHS a pay rise with the proceeds.” Earlier this month Ofgem launched an investigation into British Gas following “extremely serious allegations” of debt collectors breaking into people’s homes to install prepay meters.

However, those that read this may not realize these companies work hand in hand with the government. They are shareholders in the federal bank and they get an annual dividend.

This boils down to one thing the greedy 1% do not care about humanity because if they did they would not start wars. This is just a big game of money and power.

I am angered that at the expense of the people, governments are making all this money but the big question is if we came to this world with nothing and we leave with nothing, why make so much money that you cannot take with you?

I think this article is better suited for people that may not necessarily be in business but ordinary folk like you and me. I find it totally disgusting that profiteering is going on whilst the rest of us have to suffer. There is a domino effect and consequences for our actions. If the cost of living and inflation has caused people to have mental health issues it puts more pressure on our NHS.

The 1% of this world should be less greedy and should help humanity not hinder it.

Imagine if we could activate kinetic energy as Nikola Tesla has led us to believe, imagine how we can finally start to get control of our lives.

These two videos are highly recommended to watch:

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