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Virgin Media is a British telecommunications company that provides telephone, television, and internet services throughout the United Kingdom. Virgin Media headquarters are at Green Park in Reading, England. It is owned by Virgin Media O2, a 50:50 a recent joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefónica.

The key people are John C. Malone (chairman) and Lutz Schüler (CEO).

Virgin Media Sub Standard Service.

Virgin Media is on my radar yet again, and after being put on hold for more than half an hour I decided to publish this post as the woman I spoke to laughed when I said she does not know who she was dealing with.

When she finally came back to me she said she would put me through to the tech team but what I was connected to was the “Gadget Rescue Helpline” where at the beginning of the message this was a chargeable service and they would tell me how much it would cost before carrying out any work.

So seeing as Virgin Media has pushed my buttons again here are my screenshots, with the first being my internet speed where the women claimed my reading was incorrect, so I am imagining things now?…….really. Even if my reading were incorrect it would not explain the super slow internet connection.

I also asked her to confirm that I had the fastest internet speed and she said seeing as Virgin Media have recently merged with O2 my internet speed was no longer the fastest and my package had changed. No one had informed me about this, no letter, no email, and no push notification to my mobile, absolutely nothing, she had the opportunity to upsell but did not.

I have a gut feeling I was talking to Virgin Mobile rather than the Virgin Broadband Department as she quoted my speed to be really high and that could only mean she was checking the speed from a mobile phone.

The speed from the mobile phone is always going to be faster than a laptop or desktop computer because of the way the gadgets are built.

The second screenshot is of two bills I have paid, yet both are saying they are overdue.

I am dammed if they slap on a £10.00 late payment charge even though I do not owe a single penny.

This is called scamming and I will be sure to phone them back again tomorrow just to show them this post.


My internet speed has not been resolved, I rely on the internet to do my work so to have a substandard connection I do not see why I have to pay a single penny to this company whilst considering they are in breach of their terms to provide me a service that works.

From now on for every hour my internet is not working I will charge a fee of £100 per hour or £400 per per day because in my terms and conditions anyone preventing me from carrying out my work in a sufficient manner is liable to compensate me.

It is high tide I create a Wikipedia page as I am finding people are not taking me seriously.

This company do not want me to start posting all over the internet considering I have over 10K followers on LinkedIn and bad reviews spread like wildfire.

Virgin Media reviews on TrustPilot speaks volumes.


Obviously, these people I am referring to the Chairman and CEO are too high and mightly to deal with such trivialities but if the shoe was on the other foot and they had a business that heavily relied on a good broadband connection, i.e website designer, marketing, domain brokering and content writing, video creation and rendering, they would soon be singing a different tune if it affected them directly.

I am with O2 for my mobile and have never had a problem, so was very surprised that they merged with this shambles of a company.

So you are perhaps thinking if this company is so bad why do I not leave? and the aswer is simple, to get another provider to set up a new broadband connection is not an overnight process. I cannot be offline at all as I support businesses by having chat open and help with inquiries, plus the fact I have to market and manage websites is virtually impossible to achieve without an internet connection.

One thing for certain I will never recommend this company “Virgin Media” to anyone.

The bottom line is they need people like me to give them good reviews.

It will be interesting what they say when they finally read my post.


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