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I use for marketing purposes SEO Link Wheels to Drive Business using exact match searchable keywords and phrases, thus my default site has links to different websites, blogs and social media channels that help drive traffic from multiple directions.

My sites are as follows:

My Static Websites: (semi developed) (currently under construction).

My Blogs: (Default Business Card) (points to Default Domain Name Blog) (points to Default Marketing Blog) (also dot pl) (directory/forum – under construction) (directory under construction) (directory under contruction) (directory/forum/jobsite of solicitors under construction) & dot com (directory under construction) (directory/forum/jobsite under construction)

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Example of SEO Link Wheel:

Whether you are looking to start a website or blog, I can design and develop dynamic, responsive websites for any industry.

You give me the specifications and ideas how you would like your website to look by showing me similar sites on the web that you like and I will build a similar layout to order. I will also show you some of my own ideas so you have plenty of options to choose from.

I can also do content writing should you not have anything prepared, including terms and conditions and privacy policies, disclaimers and FAQ.

I can also design logo’s to make your brand memorable and stand out.

Most important of all I will secure and exact match keyword or phrase domain name to help you with global positioning.

Your domain name is the address to your business showroom. You need visitors that will engage and convert and I also offer PPC advertising to get you immediately on the first page of search engines.

I cater to all budgets and work with all industries. I am very competitive, hence I can offer the lowest cost payment plans.

It may be you are re-branding, I can also help you transition and give you valuable advice so that your brand gets the audience that it is looking for, where customers can find your product or service you are selling fairly quickly.

Whatever your circumstances are, whether you simply want more business, I am here on hand waiting for you to connect with me.

I am very transparent and friendly, whilst being 100% professional.

Working in conjuction with UK Website Designers my sister site.

I can supply you with my portfolio of some of my work on request aswell as a price list.

I will market your brand across my network of websites, blogsa nd social media pages so that people can engage with you. With nearly 10,000 followers on LinkedIn I am sure I can introduce your business to people that are looking for your services.

I am only one message away from you making the decision to make a change.

Contact Me Today to Discuss Your Project.