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My Network of Static Sites, Blogs & Social Media Pages

In order for people to know more about me, I created a virtual business card.

I wanted it to be short and easy to remember, hence I came up with

I use for marketing purposes SEO Link Wheels to Drive Business using exact match searchable keywords and phrases.

My default site has links to different websites, blogs, and social media channels that help drive traffic from multiple directions.

I am in the through of changing some of the domain names and forwarding them to the default sites. I will be updating my portfolio of domain names soon.

My Sites Are As Follows:

UK Website Designers (My Default Trading Site For Website Design)

UK Website Designers specialize in website design, development, SEO, SMO, and marketing. UK Website Designers also are WordPress Experts and offer landing pages as well as more complex eCommerce websites. UK Website Designers provide consultation on how to generate leads. For startups, there are packages to suit all budgets.

Cymru Marketing (My Default Trading Site For Marketing)

Cymru Marketing Journal (Cymru means Wales in Welsh). Cymru Marketing Group consists of a Marketing Journal made up of the following domain names – These domains point to point to: (Default Sub Domain Name Marketing Journal) – Cymru Marketing focuses on the latest news and reviews and also to help with promoting businesses by writing relevant content to help them generate more traffic. Cymru Marketing is also a directory and forum and plans are to also make it into a Welsh Community App in the near future.

Start Brand (Forwarded to

Startbrand was originally a standalone website but has since merged with UK Website Designers and has the domain name pointing to the default site.

Roath Life Directory (Semi-Developed Local Directory)

Roath Life is a directory consisting of four domain names (Directory) – News) – and Roath (Welsh: Y Rhath ) is a district and community to the north-east of the city centre of Cardiff, capital of Wales.

Cymru Buzz (Welsh App Coming Soon – Currently Unavailable).

Cymru Buzz consists of two domain names (Is undeveloped but will become a Welsh App and Welsh Forum similar to Facebook (Meta) for Welsh People).

iRenata (My Personal Brand Site) (which forwards to My Virtual Business Card, easier to send information in bulk and easier for the reader to learn who I am and what I do).

UK Domain Brokers (My Default Trading Site For Domain Brokering)

UK Domain Brokers is a site for sales and acquisitions of Domain Names with an option to develop or lease domain names. & points to: (Default Sub Domain Name Blog)

Disabled Entrepreneur (Default Disability Site) (which forwards to the default site)

Disabled Entrepreneur News Journal and Directory) is an online journal to help empower, motivate and inspire people. It has all the latest news and reviews regarding disabilities, mental and physical, and has a comprehensive list of useful links.

Raczyna (Region in southeast Poland CBD Farming) (also dot pl – personal project, currently under construction and is open to offers to partner with me). Rączyna is a village where my mother was born and both my daughter and my mother went to school. Rączyna is in the administrative district of Gmina Kańczuga, within Przeworsk County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland. I still have living relatives there and plan to make the site into a Real Estate Directory for CBD/ Hemp Farmers. It lies approximately 10 kilometers south of Kańczuga, 18 km south of Przeworsk, and 35 km east of the regional capital Rzeszów.

Cardiff Web Designers – (Keyword Domain Name In Use). (points to

Luxury Makeup (Directory under construction) – FOR SALE!

Cardiff Gas Engineers (Directory under construction) – FOR SALE!

Cardiff Probate Solicitors (Directory/forum/Jobsite of solicitors in Cardiff) – FOR SALE!

UK Business Banking & dot com (Directory under construction and is open to offers to buy both domain names) – FOR SALE!

Cardiff Solicitors (Forwards to – FOR SALE!

Conveyancing Cardiff (Forwards to SALE!

Germ Awareness (I have forwarded this domain name to an Germ Awareness category on – FOR SALE!

OCD.Cymru (I have forwarded this domain name to an OCD category on – FOR SALE!

**Please Note These Are My Own Domains. If You wish to browse other domains please visit this link

My Social Media Channels & Pages





My Book Projects 2022 (Pending)

The Projects I am working on this year, are to write a series of books on Neuroplasticity. I am currently researching this to include it to mentor businesses.

I have already secured the domain names and started landing pages. I have even designed the logos and book covers.

The projects are due to be launched towards the end of this year.

Example of an SEO Link Wheel:

If you are selling more than one service but have not had a brand name from the start or the exact match searchable keyword or phrase domain name does not fit in with what you are selling it might be an idea to set up an entirely new site focusing on the one single service so not to confuse people. As an example, people looking for marketing services may not think to look or search for “UK Website Designers” but instead search for a site that relates to marketing only. Hence that is why an SEO Link Wheel comes in handy, it drives business from different directions to the mothership.

The SEO Link Wheel Has Expanded As I have added More Keyword Related Websites & Domains

The above SEO link wheel is just a sample of websites and over time this wheel will expand for related industries and subjects I target. Obviously, not everyone can afford to have many websites (hosting can cost an arm and a leg), and sometimes having only one static site and blog will suffice.

However personally speaking I do not rely on one source of traffic or income and try to target visitors from lots of directions. SEO is complex it is not just about adding backlinks although if you do have them this will benefit your ranking, SEO is a multitude of different strategies.


If you look at successful business people they do not hold all their eggs in one basket and they will diversify by having more than one business. In fact, in this present climate, there is no better time than now to go online, whether it is a blog or another service.

Furthermore setting up a second income will be something you can rely on if you are laid off due to business closures.

The high street is very vulnerable right now. Nightclubs are shutting their doors yet again in Wales after Christmas 2021. If you have a bricks-and-mortar business such as Hair Salon, start selling hair products and hairpieces online. If you are a pub or club sell craft beer and deliver your menu meals using Deliveroo, Ubereat, or Just Eat. You need to reinvent yourself to survive. In fact, I will help you and support you. I will even advise you about business plans, funding, and operating your business.

Whether you are looking to start a website business or blog, I can design and develop dynamic, responsive websites for any industry.

You give me the specifications and ideas of how you would like your website to look by showing me similar sites on the web that you like and I will build a similar layout to order. I will also show you some of my own ideas so you have plenty of options to choose from.

I can also do content writing should you not have anything prepared, including terms and conditions and privacy policies, disclaimers, and FAQ.

I can also design logos to make your brand memorable and stand out.

Most importantly of all, I will secure and exact match keyword or phrase domain names to help you with global positioning.

Your domain name is the address of your business showroom. You need visitors that will engage and convert and I also offer PPC advertising to get you immediately on the first page of search engines.

I cater to all budgets and work with all industries. I am very competitive, hence I can offer the lowest cost payment plans.

It may be you are re-branding, I can also help you transition and give you valuable advice so that your brand gets the audience that it is looking for, where customers can find your product or service you are selling fairly quickly.

Whatever your circumstances are, whether you simply want more business, I am here on hand waiting for you to connect with me.

I am very transparent and friendly, whilst being 100% professional.

Working in conjunction with my default:

UK Website Designers“.

I can supply you with my portfolio of some of my work on request as well as a price list.

I will market your brand across my network of websites, blogs, and social media pages so that people can engage with you. With over 10,000 connections on LinkedIn, I am sure I can introduce your business to people that are looking for your services.

I am only one message away from you making the decision to make a change.

I almost forgot to mention I am an Partner.

Contact Me Today to Discuss Your Project.

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