Welcome To My Site.

My legal name is ‘Renata Maziak Barnes’, although I prefer to be known by my online pseudonym ‘Renata Barnes’, (it beats spelling my full name). Before re-branding myself I was simply known as ‘Renata Maziak’ and later when I married in 1998 I was known as ‘Renata Maziak Barnes’.

I have since learned not only is my name a tongue twister and hard to remember and spell it is also discriminated against, even though we supposedly do not live in a racist world this is contrary to belief and I have experienced firsthand peoples reaction when they think I am an eastern European immigrant even though I was born in this country.

Besides if I can shorten my name is easier to remember a bit like having a short one-word domain name, hence I have acquired I know it is two words technically but a battery watch manufacturer has so it is, what it is… but you get my drift.

I have over 30 years of experience in the media industry. I have had my work printed in several publications and currently exhibit my work online.

I am an entrepreneur and have been doing Website Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, and Domain Brokering since 1993 and have had experience in Graphic Design, Art, and Photography since 1979.

I am finally my own boss and am successful and independent”.

I have spent many long hours reading and learning, drinking many energy drinks to keep me awake, hoarding information. I was determined to know everything I needed to know about running a successful business. I started wearing all the hats.

Prior to web design and after working for the Local Councils in Shrewsbury & in Wolverhampton Planning Departments as a Graphic Designer, I worked for a well-known photography studio “Rea Photography” owned by photographer ‘Simon Rea’ in Shrewsbury and learned about photography and offline marketing (company no longer exists). However, the knowledge I have with photo editing in photoshop has benefited my business by enabling me to design logos for the companies I work for and with branding and advertising.

It’s all about saving money, if you are capable and can do it yourself why pay for someone else to do it”?

“From all the websites I have built and logos, branding, and advertising media I have designed, I have saved myself a small fortune, which in turn has kept my costs down where I can pass this onto my clients”.

I was born in Shrewsbury Shropshire to Polish Parents. My father ‘Jan’ was a war veteran in WWII and after the Battle of Monte Cassino came to the UK to fight with the British Army. After the war was over he stayed in the UK with his mother in Newton Abbott in Devon and later met my mother whilst she was in the UK on holiday. I did have two brothers, one of them now lives in the US, whilst the other sadly passed away.

People say one should not divulge personal information in a professional capacity, I disagree (As long as it is not too personal). People should know things about you if you want to show your human side whilst maintaining a public persona”.

It is good to let the world know you are just like anyone else, you are approachable and are understanding and you don’t have anything to hide, and that you are completely transparent in which you gain credibility and trustworthiness.

I may be guilty of one thing and that is I do I do not have many personal photographs of me on the internet. I only have a couple of photos that I use for profiling.


I try to keep myself as private as much as I can and all I will say is that I have had my ups and my downs, as I am sure most readers can relate, but I also have disabilities and although they can be challenging at times I somehow find a way to manage the obstacles that are in my way. Hence I started an online journal ‘Disabled Entrepreneur’ site to help people like myself find the motivation and inspiration to keep on fighting. I try to cover most topics that everyone experiences at some point in their lives.

I set myself goals and take baby steps and once I reach them I reward myself.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


My pastimes are photography, art, and writing. I reckon that as time passes this will stay with me forever. I am very creative and have a good imagination this helps me in my current business. My mind is ticking all the time.

“Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius


In my early life I made a career as a graphic designer working for local councils in Shrewsbury & in Wolverhampton in the Planning Departments and later as a self-employed photographer. I have published several books in my time but thanks to my brothers who were in the IT industry I started to evolve Designing Websites. Since then I have moved into Domain Consulting and Digital Marketing.

I am an Author, my books ‘Domain Power’In the Name of our Father and His Son’, ‘Cardiff Bay Waterfront 2009’ can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple & Blurb Publishers.

My services are diverse and I offer a domain brokering service to my clients as well as having my own portfolio. Most domain names do not sell as they have no equity, are not developed, and are low quality, therefore I advise Domain Investors prior to making purchases to learn about SEO.

Online Business Magazine, Business News, Business Directory, Business Forum, Advertising, Digital Marketing For All Industries, Video Marketing, Website Design, SEO/SMO, Domain Brokering, Business Coaching, Photo Editing, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Photojournalism/Journalism. Located in Cardiff Wales, Thinking Global, Acting Local.

Located in Cardiff Wales, I now consult businesses to grow to their full potential, from finding the ideal domain name to designing a website and helping with all their business marketing and office integration.


I suffer from ‘Cerebellar Atrophy, OCD & PTSD, these illnesses are related to Multiple Sclerosis which my daughter has been diagnosed with.

My symptoms are cognitive impairment, I muddle my words up and forget things and have noticed most recently losing my balance more often.

So if you see spelling errors in my posts and in my emails, it’s not me it’s my ‘Cerebellar Atrophy’.

I have now launched to start a network and help motivate and empower other disabled entrepreneurs to know there is support out there and I will have useful links for both Mental & Physical Disabilities.

The world is your oyster and together we can become stronger.

Where I may jumble things up, the first book I published about ‘Domain Names’ was called ‘Domain Sellers Handbook’ and was full of typos even though I proofread it ten times. I then went on to publish ‘Domain Power’ a more up-to-date version of my first book.

At the moment touching wood I am still doing most of the work myself although when things get overwhelming I have a trusted team of people I can depend on.